Imagine getting an industry leading air purifier and steriliser plus oxygen concentrator for less purchase cost than a standard oxygen concentrator ….. meet VKO2 INT

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Safe, clean air with an oxygen boost

Oxygenating for just 30 minutes per day brings lots of health benefits including reduced stress, more energy, better brain function, higher  metabolism …. the list goes on.  Unfortunately, standard oxygen concentrators are very expensive so many people who would use this amazing natural health product are out priced.  The VKO2 INT is the VK 002 or VK 102 unit with a built in oxygen concentrator and the whole unit costs less than a current standard oxygen concentrator.
The VKO2 range are the only air purifier plus oxygen concentrator combinations  and they just make perfect sense, pay a little more for your air purifier and have all the benefits of an oxygen concentrator built in. Pollution levels are rising and oxygen levels are dropping so protecting health by getting rid of the pollution and improving health by supplying oxygen is a match made in heaven. The VKO2 INT oxygen concentrators are to be used with the supplied headsets and oxygenation is recommended in periods of 30 minutes.

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Imagine an office where they cared enough to install great air purification and sterilisation technology to protect their staff, and on top of that the staff could go and oxygenate when they felt that office slump coming on.  How many people do you think would talk about that?  In an office without air pollution efficiency levels go up by a 16% average, we do not have the numbers on an office with oxygen concentration but the figure will be high.  On lots of levels it makes sense and that is the same for many work and home environments. Apart from removing odour it is difficult to show people the benefits of air purification first hand, this is not the same with oxygen concentration as the benefits are instantaneous with an immediate positive attitude and increased energy levels.  The VKO2 INT units are a unique product offering with a great appeal.