Radic8 is an all-in-one solution for air quality problems in a wide range of market sectors.
Air pollution is everywhere, but so is Radic8.


Surfaces / Hands / Air
Reducing airborne pathogens enhances infection prevention and control


Dentists have more risk of airborne contamination than any other profession


The VK 002 is the best high end air purifier on the market, combining a series of…


Salon professionals are exposed to high levels of airborne chemicals and gases


Indoor air pollution is a serious health risk in most homes

Leisure & Fitness

People are more susceptible to air pollution and airborne pathogens during exercise


Your guests clean the air in their homes, should you clean the air in your hotel?

Elder Care

Airborne pathogens are more dangerous to the older generation

Emergency - Aid

Airborne outbreaks require the leading VIRUSKILLER technology


Young children are more susceptible to air pollution and pathogens. Protect their growing lungs!


Increase productivity and decrease absenteeism by having a clean air office


Ships / Barracks / Medical Tents There are many requirements for clean air technology in the military


Airborne contamination and exposure is very high in this sector


Do you retail standard air purifiers? Our clean air technology neutralises nano particles and eliminates viruses which is nothing ‘standard’


Prolonged exposure to traffic pollutants is a serious health risk often overlooked

Fresh Produce

Remove ethylene, mould, bacteria and fungi for longer lasting freshness

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