• Perfect Odor Eliminator: This room air purifiers creates healthy air while eliminating household smells like pets, smoking, cooking and more. It also effectively traps particles like viruses, pet dander, dust mites, other allergens, and even cigarette smoke. The odorous air gets sucked into the bottom of the air purifier, filtered through the multi-layer filter.
  • Compact and Stylish: Sophisticated, yet simple to use with one button operation. This odor eliminator puts you in total control with its advanced user interface allowing you to take control of your breathing zone. It automatically detects air pollution and switches to a full fan. Lights indicate when the air is clean. Super quiet night mode with lights out. Air fresheners are smaller in size but elegant in look.
  • Enjoy the Benefits Wherever You Are: Air Purifiers for a home is entirely suitable, and its compact size, ability to be surface stood or wall hung, electric plug and played function, super efficiency on all pollutants including odor neutralization, low energy usage, and cost-effectiveness means that everyone can enjoy the benefits of clean air wherever they are.
  • Affordable: Room air purifiers offer a combination of top materials and the latest design and style trends without sacrificing filtration and durability. Air purifier consists of high-quality materials and design while maintaining affordable prices. Radic8 prides itself on affordable elegance, just right, and easy enough to use while maintaining the highest quality standards.
  • Customer Centric: As a premium brand, we adhere to the best product delivery and the most uncompromising quality. The trust placed by our discerning customers earned over the years by consistently exceeding their high standards. Customer satisfaction and fulfillment of their needs are the core of our vision.

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